EE Podcast 007: Steve Riggs AKA dharkfunkh


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In this episode, James speaks to Steve Riggs about the challenges of life as a full-time music producer and mix engineer. As the artist behind ‘dharkfunkh’ and a whole host of projects covering countless genres, Riggsy has released and helped others release on labels such as Armada Music, Sony, Suara, Interscope Records, Elrow, Nervous Records, Perfecto Records, OFF Recordings, Cr2, KMS Records, and Black Hole Recordings to name a few.

He has mentored at Birmingham’s ‘Access to Music’ college, regularly engineers tracks for some of the biggest names in the business and has remixed for artists like deadmau5 Yolanda Be Cool and Preditah. He has also worked as A&R for OFF Recordings, Dear Deer Records and Gooseneck Records.

This episode also includes an exclusive first play of “Aspirin and a Bullet”, by Power Coma. Out 1st March on Escape Everything.

Show notes

01:40 - Riggsy’s musical background
04:20 - First forays into electronic music 
05:48 - Jobs outside of music
06:40 - ‘Real’ jobs as motivation to make music
07:15 - (Not) giving all of your best ideas to your clients
09:00 - Using other genres to keep fresh ideas
09:50 - Using orchestral/cinematic music as a selfish solo project
11:55 - Musical influences
14:10 - Starting to DJ
15:08 - Favourite musical memories
18:35 - Music connecting people
20:30 - Isolation/struggles of a solo producer vs power of collaborating
22:50 - The party derailing the work
25:28 - The effect of your work environment on your productivity
26:30 - Self-doubt, overthinking, anxiety, perfectionism
31:00 - Anarchy Audioworx
38:05 - Unexpected consequences of putting yourself out there
41:55 - Self-enforced deadlines
43:08 - Biggest learnings
46:40 - Getting the band back together
49:10 - Metal 🤘
52:30 - Always recording
53:23 - Current projects
56:18 - The Christmas song

1:03:55 - First listen: Power Coma - Aspirin and a Bullet