BINARY, adjective: Relating to, or involving two things.  

CODA, noun: A concluding passage of music that diverges from the basic song structure. 

Binary Coda is the combined musical vision of Mark Baines and Alexander Judge. An unlikely pairing, of eclectic taste - their expansive musical backgrounds see them draw from influences as diverse as classical, early 90's rave and cult movie soundtracks - which all serve to fuel their deep-rooted desire to remain free from any one genre. 

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Back to the future

The duo met in 2009 and bonded over a mutual love of powerful and emotive melodies, at a drum & bass rave. Since then, they’ve steadily crafted a distinct sonic signature of fat, arpeggiated basses, bright brassy leads and pounding beats, which they’ve maintained while experimenting in various musical styles.  

Mark and Alex have already unleashed a string of epic releases under their 'Seifer & Surgical’ moniker, including a compilation feature for drum & bass stalwarts, Hospital Records. Their Binary Coda project brings the bpm back down a few notches, drawing inspiration from 80’s synthwave and the video game melodies of their youth. After their impressive debut album, 'One Point Zero’, their brand new follow-up, Power Flux EP, hits home with an energetic and evocative soundtrack, simply screaming for the cassette deck of your everyday time-travelling Delorean. 


Power Flux EP is out 25th January on Escape Everything. Listen in full below or download from our press pack.

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Due in February 2018, Escape Everything are pleased to announce an exclusive remix pack of tracks from Each of Them Echoes' latest Ep, 'Polaris'. This genre-crossing collection will include Binary Coda's edit of lead single, 'Don't You See Me Go. Building on the atmospheric keys, bluesy guitar riffs and baritone vocals of the original, this trademark Binary Coda rework adds a driving arpeggiated bass line that's sure to leave a trail of subwoofer destruction in its wake.

Check out the original of 'Don't You See Me Go' here



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Power Flux_15c.jpg

Power Flux EP

by Binary Coda