EE Podcast 007: Steve Riggs AKA dharkfunkh

In this episode, James speaks to Steve Riggs about the challenges of life as a full-time music producer and mix engineer. As the artist behind ‘dharkfunkh’ and a whole host of projects covering countless genres, Riggsy has released and helped others release on labels such as Armada Music, Sony, Suara, Interscope Records, Elrow, Nervous Records, Perfecto Records, OFF Recordings, Cr2, KMS Records, and Black Hole Recordings to name a few.

EE Podcast 006: James Garside Starts Again

Jona interviews James about his new EP, “Start Again”, written predominantly on the road. Feeling unfulfilled with work in advertising, James decided to take a break and set off across North America for 3 months. Recording vocals in the woods and mixing tracks in small town coffee shops, he channeled his journey out of disillusionment into the creative process.

EE Podcast 002: Each of Them Echoes

In this episode of the Escape Everything podcast, James and Jona discuss the journey and influences behind their Each of Them Echoes collaboration project. They also get into a discussion about how your emotional state influences your music, and how music can influence your emotional state, as well as the vulnerability that comes from releasing music with lyrics based on real life experiences. Includes an exclusive first play of Tell Me Brother from their upcoming EP.

Escape your influences

- Jona Rousseau

My favourite artists tend to be those that totally break the mould. They sound like no-one else, they think differently to their peers, they challenge existing genre labels, and often inadvertently invent entirely new genres in the process. To select just a few, I’m talking about people like Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Tool, Autechre, Einstürzende Neubauten, Boards of Canada, James Blake, and Kyuss - more on them later...

Not comparing ourselves to others

- James Garside

A few weeks back, I spoke about how society has us preconditioned to chase certain goals that we think we’re supposed to want. The universal symbols of success. I wonder if I sound a bit like a conspiracy theorist when I say things like that - as if it’s some plot by the government to consciously manipulate us to behave in a certain manner and stay in line...

Two years in the slipstream

- Jona Rousseau

You know how it goes. Life is busy. You're working at the office for most of your waking hours, you commute each way for up to an hour, you put time into keeping fit and eating well, you try to stay up to date with current events, you make plans to go out and see friends and family, all the while maintaining a steady relationship. Finally, with your paltry amount of spare time, you try to practice your craft and nurse your dreams.