EE Podcast 002: Each of Them Echoes

EE Podcast 002

In this episode, James and Jona discuss the journey and influences behind their Each of Them Echoes collaboration project. They also get into a discussion about how your emotional state influences your music, and how music can influence your emotional state, as well as the vulnerability that comes from releasing music with lyrics based on real life experiences. Includes an exclusive first play of Tell Me Brother from their upcoming EP.

Show notes

  1. Background to Each of Them Echoes project
  2. Polaris EP 
  3. Influences:
  4. The need for a creative output
  5. Challenges of work/life balance
  6. Influence of your emotional state of mind when creating
  7. Genesis of lyrics from Polaris EP
  8. Art as expression/a way to clarify thoughts
  9. "We are grateful to the artist, especially the musician, for 'saying clearly what we have always felt, but never been able to express'" - Aldous Huxley
  10. Music says what words can't
  11. New Hammock album - Mysterium
  12. Backstory to 'Tell Me Brother'
  13. The vulnerability in openness
  14. Exclusive first play of Tell Me Brother