EE Podcast 003: Dan Ginn


In this episode, James is joined by internationally published street photographer and writer, Dan Ginn. 

They discuss a range of topics including the external factors that inhibit our own creativity, music’s unique ability to unite people, becoming disillusioned with our art, dealing with anxiety, searching for simplicity amongst the chaos and how to find your own voice. 

Includes an exclusive first preview of ‘Power Flux’ from Binary Coda’s upcoming EP, coming to Escape Everything at the end of January. 

Show notes

01.20 - Early musical influences
03.00 - External factors that affect your work
04.00 - Becoming disillusioned
05.40 - Music’s ability to unite people
08.20 - Connected emotional states
09.30 - Soul searching
12.15 - The draw of street photography
14.30 - Using photography to be in the present moment
15.00 - Dealing with anxiety
15.50 - Creative challenges
18.55 - Benefits of writing
21.14 - Finding simplicity amongst the chaos
24.00 - Simplifying your life
25.45 - Finding your creative identity
28.25 - Jumping between artistic styles
29.25 - The power of a creative network
32.30 - Turning up and doing the work
34.00 - Ignoring our biases to hold people accountable
37.30 - Binary Coda - Power Flux