EE Podcast 004: To Kiruna Escapes Everything


In this episode, James talks to label partner Jona, AKA To Kiruna as he sets off on his own Escape Everything adventure with his wife and their young daughter.  

We discuss their plans to live remotely in Central Italy to enjoy the first few months of their daughter's life in tranquility, plus Jona's creative plans for the trip. We also look into his process in completing his new EP, 'East Exist', which is out on 6th April.  

Includes an exclusive first preview of ‘Young Hearts Run’ from the EP. 

Jona also prepared a playlist of tracks that inspired the EP, which you can listen to here

Show notes

01.27 - New adventures
02.37 - The big plan
04.10 - Day-to-day life
09.44 - Finishing the EP
11.08 - The Experiment
12.27 - Empowering yourself when you feel trapped
16.10 - The concept behind ‘East Exist’
18.40 - Kiruna, Sweden
20.37 - Themes/mirrors of life
21.50 - How to finish
23.52 - Patience vs perfectionism
26.08 - Electronic vs Analogue - anti-perfectionism
27.00 - Realising people don’t notice everything we do
29.55 - Character vs perfectionism
30.10 - Learning to sing
34.45 - Preparing for the adventure
37.20 - Documenting the experience
38.20 - Plans for the return
39.10 - Music promo learnings
45.50 - To Kiruna - Young Hearts Run