Two years in the slipstream

You know how it goes. Life is busy. You're working at the office for most of your waking hours, you commute each way for up to an hour, you put time into keeping fit and eating well, you try to stay up to date with current events, you make plans to go out and see friends and family, all the while maintaining a steady relationship. Finally, with your paltry amount of spare time, you try to practice your craft and nurse your dreams.

Before you know it, 2 years have passed by, and you have that moment where it hits you… “Wow. How did that happen? Why have I made so little progress?” 

I had one of these moments when I was asked to write a blog update for the 2-year anniversary of the record label. 

It is frustrating, but we should not be so hard on ourselves. Making time for creative pursuits is a challenge, and we should try to acknowledge any progress and realise that even small steps are at least moving us in the right direction.

So, what exactly have I been working on?

Well, quite a bit actually. Apart from writing and recording more music for To Kiruna, 2017 so far has been a great year for collaborations. I continue to learn much from my creative partnership with James (Fallen Future) Garside, and we're excited to be finishing up some material imminently. Keep a look out for that.

We’re starting to work with a talented female vocalist on a couple of 80s influenced electronic tracks, and I’m also beginning to collaborate on a longer-term experimental project with a friend in L.A. It’s a little too early to say exactly how that project might evolve, but it could be very interesting.

Additionally, I've started working independently on another side project that combines my love of ambient electronica with more guitar and vocal-driven alternative genres. That project will be a bit more of a slow-burner, but definitely excited to see where it might take me.

Finally, I'm looking forward to sharing a new To Kiruna EP with you in the near future. The EP will consist of a small collection of tracks that I'm currently working on. It remains firmly in ambient territory similar to my first album, Embers, but I'm mixing it for finer detail to create a more immersive impact. More news will follow soon!

We'd love to hear about your own experiences and challenges with your creative work. If you have anything to share or questions you'd like us to explore, please comment below or get in touch through the contact page. 

- Jona Rousseau