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James Garside is an artist, music producer, and multidisciplinary creative. Originally from London, Garside has been producing electronic music for more than a decade. In 2015, he teamed up with with Jona Rousseau (aka To Kiruna) to launch Escape Everything - a platform that spotlights artists and musicians whose creative endeavours challenge societal expectations and norms.

Raised on his parents’ Barry Manilow LPs and petrol station cassette packs, it’s probably no surprise that Garside’s musical tableau has been described as eclectic and often questionable. As a child, he spent most of his pocket money indiscriminately buying cassettes from the bargain bin at the HMV. One day, he stumbled across an album by a little-known band called The Prodigy. Initiated by the Godfathers of Rave, he bought his first turntables and plunged deep into electronic music.

Garside spent his formative years immersed in club culture, frequenting house and techno clubs up and down the U.K. His earliest forays into music production featured hypnotic grooves, tribal drums, and melancholic undertones. In recent years, his music has evolved to include more live instrumentation and vocals, resulting in a genre-defying blend of the organic and synthetic.

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Leave it behind

Drawing comparisons to Four Tet, Caribou and Jamie XX, James’s “Start Again” EP was written predominantly on the road. Feeling unfulfilled with work in advertising, he decided to take a break and set off across North America for 3 months. Recording vocals in the woods and mixing tracks in small town coffee shops, Garside channeled his journey out of disillusionment into the creative process. His “Start Again” EP is an exploration of what it means to leave everything behind and start again.

“Start Again” is out 19th November on Escape Everything. Listen in full below or download from our press pack.

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music video

The music video for lead track, “Start Again”, was filmed over the course of James’ road trip across North America and Europe. It’s a rumination on the infinite possibility afforded to you when circumstances change and you find yourself starting from scratch. Sign up using the form below to receive priority access to the full video.



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Start Again

by James Garside