To Kiruna is the ambient electronic project of multi-instrumentalist producer, Jona Rousseau. After spending his formative years playing in post-punk bands around Birmingham, Jona started composing electronic music as a form of creative expression that reaches beyond the limitations of the traditional guitar band.

To Kiruna specialises in emotionally charged melodic electronica with a raw, organic edge, with compositions that showcase his penchant for meticulous sound design derived from field recordings and stringed instruments. The latest EP charts a natural progression since 2015’s ‘Embers’, building on his unique use of swirling granulated soundscapes with the addition of acoustic piano and wind instruments, while also demonstrating a greater maturity and attention to detail.

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Young hearts run

East Exist evokes a journey through a snow-strewn wilderness. It is a meditation on the displacement of the people of Kiruna, a Swedish town near the Arctic Circle who’s entire population is being relocated due to excessive mining which has destabilised the foundations of the town. The EP imagines the story of a young couple embarking on a journey to find a new home. It is a story of new beginnings, of adventure, of challenges, commitment, and doubt.

East Exist is out 5th April on Escape Everything. Listen in full below or download from our press pack.

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Due for release early March 2018, Escape Everything are pleased to announce an exclusive remix pack of tracks from Each of Them Echoes' latest EP, 'Polaris'. This genre-crossing collection includes Jona's experimental rework of 'I Can't Go with the Flow'. Working under the heavier and more uptempo alias, Jinnu, he strips things right back to their raw essence, with an ominous and atmospheric reimagining of the original. Featuring glitchy percussion and swirling soundscapes that are so characteristic of Jona's sound. 

Check out the original of 'I Can't Go with the Flow' here



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East Exist

by To Kiruna